David Mond

DAVID MOND - Principal Director

Background - David Mond with a Bachelor of Economics degree (Monash University) is a Fellow Certified Practising Accountant (FCPA) with a specialisation qualification in Taxation.  He is a Fellow of the Tax Institute of Australia and has served on Committees for CPA Australia.  He is a Member of the Institute of Company Directors.

David Mond (1973 - 1984) was employed as a Senior Investigator with the Australian Taxation Office.  He investigated complex schemes of arrangement.

In 1984, he established his own practice, David Mond & Associates. 

Business Management - During his period of employment with the ATO, he examined the practices of a wide variety of accountants, and established that there was a great need for business services.  As a result, he established M.I.G. Pty. Ltd. trading as Specialized Management & Consultancy Services (SM&CS) at the same time as David Mond & Associates, well before other firms recognized that a business based accounting firm should provide business management services.

Family Law - With the growing demand for services in Family Law, DMA is providing advice to referred clients for forensic investigation and property settlement matters.  David gives expert witness evidence in the Family Court.  He tends to use his best endeavours to help mediate (where possible and appropriate) the parties to a settlement and consequently a large saving of legal costs, asset wastage and emotional heartbreak associated with protracted cases.

Insolvency and Risk Management - DMA also provides advice for Corporate Administration and Receivership and Personal Insolvency including representing the client when negotiating with banks, creditors and administrators.  DMA evaluates risk and provides advice on reconstruction for clients.

Mentoring - Generally, David acts as mentor to his clients helping to crystallise the issues and work through personal and business challenges for the betterment of the client.


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